About Us

usvets911.org, lead by Tom Daley, Daley Technology Systems (DTSconnect.com), joins together a collection of organizations like, Vet Hunters (VetHunters.org) with the goal of getting help to our veterans. usvets911.org is looking to expand and build momentum in order to bring these valuable events to more cities across the nation.

L.A. Vet Resource Expo

usvets911.org is proud to announce the second annual “LA Veterans Resource Expo” (LAvetExpo.com) on July 13, 2018. Southern California has the largest veteran population in the nation. Last year’s event helped many veterans, in Southern California, find jobs and the vital resources they need.

Daley Technology Systems (DTS)

Daley Technology Systems (DTS) works with businesses and city governments to become more innovative and more efficient. DTS  puts city governments on the same playing field as the private sector by giving them the tools and resources to help cities achieve their diverse objectives. Since 2005, DTS has been committed to providing professional services on time and under budget.  They achieve this by partnering with the best companies /contractors to get the job done at the highest level.   It really is a team effort!